BrewDog 2nd Anniversary Pre-Night and return of Hardcore Pig

No Label


  • 開始: 2016/02/26



ドラフトビールがALL 500yen!

(ABV. 10%未満のビールはL size (378ml) / ABV. 10%以上のビールは120mlでのご提供)


No Label





“Hardcore Pig”

以前はPunk IPAを飲ませて育てた豚を使用した特別メニューを今回はHardcore IPAを飲ませて育てた豚にしました!



※Hardcore Pig メニューは毎日数量限定ですので、無くなり次第販売を終了させて頂きます。

Madness in the ‘pong….

Our 2nd Anniversary is just around the corner so join us celebrate by drinking awesome craft beer only for 500 yen!

(500 yen for L size for up to 9.9% ABV beers or 120ml for 10% ABV or higher.)

No Label, BrewDog’s new small batch beer will be on tap! Don’t miss it as there is ONLY one keg for the whole of Japan!

Powered-up Pigs in the ‘pong…

See the latest incarnation of our most famous menu item- “The Hardcore Pig”

Previously, we fed Punk IPA to a brand of pigs called Arigaton and then created a Punk Pig Special Menu,

But this time we used Hardcore IPA instead of Punk IPA to give these little squealers a real Hardcore taste!

Limited availability- try them before they run out! 

※On both the 26th and 27th of February, we will ask customers to order drinks at the bar counter (‘Cash-on’). Our staff will take food orders at your table. Thank you for your understandings.

※Hardcore Pig menu is available until sold out.