We are hiring! Bar Staff / Kitchen Staff!


BrewDog Roppongiでは現在一緒にお店を盛り上げてくれるバー/キッチンスタッフを募集しています!



■募集職種 ①バースタッフ (アルバイト) / ②キッチンスタッフ (アルバイト)

■勤務地 六本木

■勤務時間 ①平日:18:00~24:00 土日祝:15:00~24:00 (終業時間は終電を考慮。土日祝は休憩有)

       ②平日:15:00~23:00 土日祝:13:00~24:00 (休憩有)

■時給 ① 1,000円 ② 1,100円 (22時以降は時給25%UP)

■待遇 ①② 交通費全額支給、制服貸与

連絡先 BrewDog Roppongi  03-6447-4160 (担当:荒谷)

We Are Hiring! – Bar & Waiting Staff (interchangeable) / Kitchen Staff

You are: 

An entertainer, an actor, a raconteur, somebody full of life and with a big personality to match our flavour-packed beers, who loves dealing with people. 

Proficient in English, at or very close to a native level, with a very strong grasp of Japanese language and culture. 

You don't need to be a craft beer expert at this stage but must be motivated to learn and share the passion- to charm the pints off our international customers. 

Let's meet!​

The BrewDog Team

Job Title ① Hall Staff ② Kitchen Staff

Working Place Roppongi

Working Hour ①Weekdays 18:00~24:00 Weekends and National Holidays 15:00~24:00

            ②Weekdays 15:00~24:00 Weekends and National Holidays 15:00~24:00

Hourly Wage ① 1,000JPY  ② 1,100JPY (25% UP after 22:00)

Other Conditions Full Covered Transportation Fee / BrewDog Crew Uniform

For more info and contact : BrewDog Roppongi 03-6447-4160 (Ian Burdon)